EcoSimPro : The Professional Dynamic Modelling and Simulation Tool for Industrial Applications.
  • Presentation slides of the high tech simulation tool for systems (click here)
  • One write the equations simply symbolically : "example 1: f=m.g even if the equation is used further to extract m=f/g, " "or example 2: more complicate q=Cd.S (2.rho.(P1-P2))^.5 even if it is used to extract P2 = (./ (.) (...)....()...)^(.. )... " "or example 3: much more complicate equations as those used every day by professional engineers" One write the equations in any order we want (for better, faster, cheaper traceability of the code and for better, faster, cheaper reusability for other applications) : the EcosimPro® software create automatically the code (in C) in the right order and with the right resolution method. (Note : Some people use this outstanding feature before writing their computer code in C or any other language for other computer models !) This main feature overpass all existing software in the domain of the simulation.

    The three steps of the EcosimPro® are: First step (this is most of the time optional): modify an already existing objects or write a new objects model with those outstanding features, Second, create your system model: just click on the objects and drop it graphically into the EcoDiagram sheet and connect the objects together with intelligent connectors, Third, create a so-called "experiment" simulation based on the previous system model to visualise any simulation with respect to the time, including events and discrete commands.

    The results of the simulation are so realistic that we couldn't believe that's it is so easy to get it... (here above: real gas Xenon, with conductive thermal transfer, on ground with gravity and thermal convection. In that experiment, the valve is open at Time=250 s ...) Once the system model has been created (see second step here above), it is no more needed to change its parameters because, all can be assigned in the experiment (like: change the fluid, or change volume or change other size or change temperature or pressure or voltages or currents....). The experiment simulation listing is the most important user document for the traceability of the dynamic simulation. Generally, the user set up many experiment simulation derived from the first one, in order to get the many different worst cases analyses... EcosimPro® for Windows is a powerful mathematical tool capable of modelling any kind of dynamic system represented by differential-algebraic equations (DAE) or ordinary-differential equations (ODE) and discrete events. Easy to learn and use, EcosimPro® is integrated in a visual environment similar to Microsoft Visual Studio®. It can be used to study both steady states and transients. EcosimPro® provides an object-oriented approach towards creating reusable component libraries and is based on very powerful symbolic and numerical methods capable of processing complex differential-algebraic equations systems. By means of its clever wizards, EcosimPro® provides modellers with an easy way to build consistent mathematical models. Until now, users of simulation tools required considerable programming skills. With EcosimPro®, low-level problems such as programming calls with numerical solvers, establishing causalities with equations, etc., have been eliminated. EcosimPro® modellers can concentrate on the physical systems to be modelled, leaving EcosimPro® to look after the complex modelling aspects by optimizing the resolution.

    | Presentation slides |

    About EcosimPro 6 Limited Edition (2021)
    From this page you can download EcosimPro 6 LE (Limited Edition). This version is good enough to model systems up to 200 equations. We recommend that you first watch the different videos and look through the brochures in order to better understand the tool.
    Main hardware and software requirements
    In order to use the program it is recommended:
    •Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10) •2GB RAM memory •500 MB of free disk space
    Supported C++ compilers to run simulations:
    •GNU gcc [gcc, g++, gfortran] compiler 4.4.0 (recommended, valid on Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10)): this is included automatically in the package •Microsoft Visual Studio (optional, valid on Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10))
    Click on this link to download EcosimPro/Proosis flyer only: Download Installation_and_getting_started EcosimPro® manual
    For a first introduction to the tool we recommend that you to read the Installation and Getting Started manual. All the manuals are located in the /manual folder of the installed software.

    Click on this link to be able to download EcosimPro Limited Edition, you have to get the password and complete this form form to request EcosimPro 6 LE, please fill the informations for getting the password and download

    KopooS has the exclusive sale rights for the distribution of EcosimPro and Proosis in France, and those products can be marketed worlwide by KopooS.

    TriaXOrbitaL: The multi-purpose tool that compute the Orbital trajectory of a space satellite with or without thrust. You display the dynamic of your computations in real time and you become incredibly more productive than ever. North South East West station keeping of GEO satellite becomes no more a mystery: just orient the thrust and click on Run into TriaXOrbitaL. Earth polar flatness effects (or so-called the J2 effects) on the satellite trajectory is fully managed. Moreover, long terms effects are emphasised thanks to special features of TriaXOrbitaL. Download the User Manual . Sun and Moon perturbation on the satellite trajectory are fully managed. Long thrust arcs and Continuous thrusting strategies are fully managed into TriaXOrbitaL.

    Interplanetary trajectory as well as Earth-Moon trajectory becomes easier than ever to compute. The 3D display multi-windowed will enable you to present your work as required by the professional. New: Opportunity date tool for Interplanetary travels between planets is now available (sometimes called "porkchop" plots by JPL people)

    Many other outstanding features are available in TriaXOrbitaL, at the price of only a percent of the one of other very sophisticated specialists’ oriented software. Here below, a soft landing on the Moon.

    Download the Windows 7 8 10 TriaXOrbitaL (free). For old computers and operating system please contact (use @ instead of _)

    Download the tool with the User Manual | Download only the User Manual

    TriaXExcelPro: The extension of Microsoft®EXCEL that let you see your 3D data in live, and present them into Powerpoint®. Much more than a video, you display the dynamic of your computations with a single mouse click. Fully compatible with Microsoft®EXCEL , without any add-in, TriaXExcelPro finds automatically the data (rx, ry, rz) and shows you the 3D graph.

    Very Professional, in order to increase the amount of information visualised into your graph, you can specify :

    Time related to the 3 components (rx, ry, rz)and time eventsMuch more features are available, images saving, interactivity...

    Here, the pentagone is computed with respect to an angle: the TriaXExcelPro Plot takes the three columns x,y,z. See the example "DemoLogoExcel.xls" Download the Excelsheet Example "DemoLogoExcel.xls" Other example: The Tridimensional Scan! Here, the solid cube is defined with respect to the finite elements Cartesian coordinates in three columns x,y,z and the intensity of the colour is given with the last column (to be scaled between 0 and 1 linearly or logarithmically...). The rainbow colours start with purple for 0 and ends with the red colour for the maximum value 1. The scales are drawn at the end of each axis. Just use the keyword "penup" in the TriaXExcelPro specification. See the example "DemoScanExcel.xls" Download the Excelsheet Example "DemoScanExcel.xls"

    Download the demo TriaXExcelPro (free) Last release available now !

    | User's Manual | Excelsheet Example "DemoLogoExcel.xls"

    TdNTriaX: The plume impingement tool for Electric Propulsion that presents the results in 3D and manages the automatic rotations of the solar array for example. The input data interface is as simple as possible: it uses simply the ExcelSheet with some keywords for using a model (simply written in the excel sheet) and the database of material with thruster characteristics. Moreover, it produces reports with full traceability, and when open with excel, the report can be re-run to reproduce the computations: the tool has thus reached the perfection in terms of traceability! Many other outstanding features are available in TdNTriaX, including force, moment, heat flux, Radio-frequency phase shift effect, sputtering, re-deposition, cleaning process from rotating parts to fixed parts as well as from fixed parts toward rotating parts…

    Download the demo TdNTriaX (free)

    MouseZoom: The unique add-in of Microsoft®EXCEL that allows you to zoom in and zoom out for one or all the 2D graphs of your ExcelSheet. You can customise the graphic toolbar of Excel with the toolbar provided by the add-in to become incredibly more productive than ever. First select one graph, the MouseZoom toolbar appears automatically

    Second you can simply draw with the mouse the zone to zoom :
    or you can also use the "zoom +" button to zoom in ( or you can also use the "arrow -->" button to move forward)

    Finally, the "yellow" button apply instantaneously the current graph settings to all the graphs of the sheet!

    And much more features ... Download the demo MouseZoom (free)

    WorDListinG: The unique add-in of Microsoft®WORD that allow you to print your listings in compact and fully understandable form. The add-in in now available for a set of langages: FORTRAN Listings, Visual Basic projects (VB® and VBA®) listings, EcosimPro® listings. WorDListinG allow you to become incredibly more productive than ever without spending number of pages of paper. This is in line with the durable development. Classic presentation for the listings No highlight, no expertise of the codeWorDListinG: fully understandable, Highlights for the important keywords, ...Comments at their right place,...Three columns for getting more information/page (and use 4 times less paper)

    Download the demo WorDListinG (free) Not available today

    DirectoryManager: Once more a unique add-in of Microsoft®WORD that allow you to manage the electronic directories. The add-in extract all the information of all the files of one or more directories (from the hard disk or from the local net, ... ) and it includes them into a table. All the tasks of a project management, including configuration item data listings (CIDL), are largely simplified and can be fully accurately checked.

    Download the demo DirectoryManager (free) Not available today


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